I haven’t found a rental yet. Can you help me?

Sure. Click on Contact Us and send us an e-mail stating what you are looking for – number of bedrooms, price range, area you want to live in, etc. Be sure to include any pets you have and any other information that would be helpful – non-smoker, new to area, when you want to move, cell phone number, etc. Your e-mail will be forwarded to our more than 100 landlord members of the Central Wisconsin Apartment Association.

How do I delete my Roommate / Sublease Ad?

Ads run for 30 days before being automatically removed. To delete your ad earlier, click on Contact Us to send us an e-mail requesting your ad be deleted. 

I’m having a problem with my landlord. Can you help?

Sorry, but we can’t give legal advise. Reading your lease is usually the best place to start with any rental issue. And remember, good communication is the key to any relationship. Remain calm and state your case to your landlord. Most situations can be worked out amicably when you discuss solutions together.

Do I need Renter’s Insurance?

It is strongly recommended. And you’ll find that it is very affordable. Renter’s Insurance covers your belongings in case of a fire or other damage to the building. Your landlord’s property insurance will only cover the building, not your belongings. Renter’s Insurance will also provide you with liability coverage to protect you if you cause damage to the building, such as leaving a faucet running causing a flood, or a fire caused by burning candles.