How can I list my rentals on this website?

Join! Members of CWAA can list all of their properties on the site as part of their membership. It is a great value for the money.

I have a tenant who wants out of their lease. Where can they find a subleaser?

Roommate/Sublease Ads are located on the homepage of You can place an ad, or you can suggest to your tenant that they place an ad. Ads are free and run for 30 days.

I'm having a problem with my tenant. Can you help?

Networking with other landlords is one of the biggest benefits of membership in the Central Wisconsin Apartment Association. Use the membership directory to contact other members, or send an anonymous question through the “Ask A Question” page in the members-only section of the website. Not a member? Sorry, but we can’t give advice to non-members.

How do I find a good handyman / painter / insurance agent / accountant / lawyer, etc?

Check out CWAA’s Associate Members for companies offering products and services to landlords. Information is listed on the Associate Member page of the website and in our newsletters.