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  • To list your properties on the largest rental housing websites in Central Wisconsin
  • There is no better place to learn than from others in the same business.
  • To keep abreast of what's happening in the rental housing industry in the Stevens Point area, the state & nation.
  • To support efforts to suppress legislation that can adversely affect your current investments or future developments.
  • To support efforts to enact legislation that benefits your business.
  • To improve your management and marketing skills.
  • Opportunities to exchange and network with other owners, investors and property managers.
  • So you can learn of ways to cut costs and save money.
  • Because nowhere else can you get all this information and still have fun with a great group of people! 

    The Central Wisconsin Apartment Association was formed by a group of apartment owners who were concerned about the professional management of apartments. Through hard work the association has evolved into a powerful voice in local and state legislative issues facing the industry. The association needs your help through membership and participation to continue shaping legislation and regulations that affect our business. 

    As a member of the Central Wisconsin Apartment Association you help sponsor and receive the following: 

  • All your Central Wisconsin properties listed on and/or
  • Eviction Procedures
  • Building Permit list for Rentals
  • Access to Tenant Screening Services & Legal Forms
  • Local meetings with programs to help you with your business
  • Educational seminars
  • National Apartment Association Membership
  • Participation in State Coalition of Associations for a united lobbying effort
  • Representation in local, state, and national legislation
  • Legislative analysis & updates affecting the industry
  • Local membership directory 

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